Annual Report 2018

Leadership Update

Coordinators 2017-2018: Samuel Duncan, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Research Library; Alexandra Reigle, Smithsonian American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery Library


Strategic Directions

Artist Files SIG Mission Statement: The Artist Files Special Interest Group, part of the Art Libraries Society of North America, recognizes the unique characteristics and research value of artist files and serves as a professional forum for advancing all aspects of their management, including access, acquisition, cataloging, digitization, preservation, promotion, and scholarship.

Organizational Advancement

• The Artist Files SIG has significantly increased its membership and has developed better accounting procedures for keeping track of membership.
• The Artist Files SIG has outreached to OCLC to advocate for improved metadata representation there.

Art Information Professionals

  • The Artist Files SIG continues to provide and improve its ability to facilitate professional improvement through its website and conference events.
    • Ongoing: The Artist Files SIG has developed an energetic blogging program to facilities its members’ sharing information about their artist files collections and professional practices.

Innovation and Technology

  • The Artist Files SIG commits itself to developing its website to be a major resource for sharing information about artist files collections and professional practice.
    • Ongoing: a reimagined directory of artist files collections: Artist Files Reveals: Online Directory

Collections and Access

  • The Artist Files SIG celebrates the diversity of artist files content and practices while seeking to harmonize professional practices to improve all aspects of their management.
    • Ongoing: continuing to work through instituting new cataloging best practices in coordination with WorldCat to improve access.

Issues for the Executive Board

  • Need to upgrade server environment so WordPress can run optimally – move from Windows-based server to Unix
  • Better membership support on AWS – SIG coordinators should NOT have to maintain their own lists (it takes an extreme amount of time to keep them up to date); it makes sense to rely on ARLIS/NA for updated contact info and membership in SIGs, divisions, etc.