Annual Report 2020

Leadership Update:

  • Sam Duncan stepped down as Co-Coordinator in 2020 after 3 years
  • Rebecca Friedman will continue as Co-Cordinator
  • Sara Ellis, incoming Co-Coordinator, University of British Columbia (as of June 2020)


  • No further information other than what was reported last year:
    185 members as of Feb. 2020.

Requested Action:

Mark Pompelia reached out to us very recently in relation to an inventory of technology-based projects that the Society was conducting, and whether there had been any update to our online Artist File directory since Sam Duncan’s post to ARLIS-L in July 2020 (included in our Midyear Report from this past Fall).

Activities Completed during the past year:

  • In lieu of a spring meeting at the annual conference, the SIG created a digital whiteboard using Miro (an online visual collaboration platform/software).
    • The “meeting” board was open for one week (May 1-8, 2020) and collected input from participants on topics such as: the “Artist Files Revealed” directory, digital ephemera, MARC/WorldCat cataloging, and goals for the future.
  • The SIG participated in the ArLiSNAP (Art Library Students & New ARLIS Professionals) online “Meet the ARLIS/NA SIGs” interview series.

Ongoing work:

  • The SIG is continuing to solicit submissions of new content to the ARLIS/NA Artist Files SIG blog (two submissions this past year). (A form of “increased visibility” under Organizational Advancement).

Preliminary goals for next year:

  • Collaboration with other ARLIS/NA SIGs, such as the Collection Development SIG. Rebecca did correspond with Mary Seem from the CD SIG once or twice to see if a joint meeting might take place, but due to earlier Section/Division/SIG meetings prior to the annual conference in May, it just didn’t happen.
  • Developing a discussion-based, idea-sharing Zoom session, or series of sessions, for ARLIS colleagues on the topic of Diversity in Artist Files. Rebecca and Sara generated all sorts of ideas but due to our busy schedules and the need for SIGs to meet in advance of the annual conference, this didn’t happen.
  • Our main goal remains moving the Artist Files Revealed project forward, to create an infrastructure to maintain the project and keep it sustainable long-term, if this is possible. The current co-moderators have agreed that even a low-fi version of such a directory would still have merit: e.g. see the Canadian Women Artists History Initiative and  Artists in Canada , for example. The artist files directory has been a long-term project and has merit to the Society and the patrons that its members serve. See Requested Action section above.

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