Of Interest

At the ARLIS/NA 2018 Annual Meeting convocation and awards ceremony, Paul Chan, keynote speaker, introduced the Society to files, a sly riff on our definition of “artist files” that comments on how digital files are elemental parts of an artist’s creative output.

Badlands Unlimited, publisher of this series of digital objects, states, “A file is the work before the work. It is the ‘score’ that directs the printer, video projector, or speaker to create the expression that is experienced. And as such, artist files hold considerable value and potential in contemporary culture. They are works in their own right that illuminate the minds of some of the most compelling artists working today. ”

Selection of Paul Chan “Artist Files”

I’m so excited to see artist files recently appear as a Library of Congress genre and form heading. I think it does a nice job of pulling together authoritative sources to help define artist files. I particuarly like the succinct scope note, which does not attempt to supply an exhaustive list of formats that might be in an artist file (which I think is impossible!).

Thank you Sherman Clarke and the ARLIS/NA LC GFT Working Group/Cataloging Advisory Committee for facilitating this record. Please discuss!