Found in the Artist Files No. 10 – St. Louis Public Library

Once again we hear about the exciting array of material kept in artist files—this time at the St. Louis Public Library. Recently librarians at the SLPL, in a blog titled There’s something amazing in these drawers, shared the surprises a researcher is likely to find in their artist files:

In each envelope are brochures, clippings, and pictures from newspapers, magazines, and publications on all kinds of subjects ranging from Alvar Aalto to Franciso Zúñiga.  We have files on artists, architects and all kinds of wonderful things. Like art movements, aquatints, and aqueducts. Bandboxes, bookplates and bridges. Canes, the circus, and cupids.  And that’s only the first 3 letters of the alphabet!

Contents of Jacob Lawrence Artist File at St. Louis Public Library

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