Found in the Artist Files No. 6 – Keys, Ties, Glow Sticks, Dinner Plates, and Fans in the NYPL Artist Files Collection

Recently the Art Collection at The New York Public Library received several generous donations of ephemeral material for our artist files. Sorting through boxes of catalogues and brochures (and an occasional birthday card or bill), we came across some amazing exhibition announcements. These are not the normal two-sided variety that provide the basic who, what, and where information; instead, they are truly unique pieces that intrigue viewers to go and see the exhibitions they promote. We still have another 40+ boxes to open, and I’m sure more treasures are waiting to be discovered! Here are some example invitations:

A silver key ringed around a card providing admission to the Caravanserail W139 Amsterdam exhibition (1994)
A tie wrapped in a gift box announcing an exhibition at the Haines Gallery for the artist Ray Beldner (1998)
A light stick within a small black box for a James Turrell exhibition at Pace Wildenstein (2004)
ceramic plate with a photographic portrait of Leona Helmsley for the POPcentric exhibition at the Gering & Lopez Gallery (2007)
A folding fan announcing the “Encounters” exhibition at Pace Beijing (2008)

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