Hi artist files fans, especially those who are interested in learning more about batch processing sets of artist files names into MARC:

I’m sharing this super-relevant post written by¬†Karen Smith-Yoshimura of OCLC Research. As we learned at the 2018 Artist Files SIG meeting, there is great interest among our group to increase (and improve standardization) of MARC records in WorldCat for artist files collections. As the post underscores, MarcEdit remains the prominent tool for processing data in and out of MARC. The software provides a Swiss-army-knife approach to options and includes a Connexion plug-in, which allows¬†batch-editing of records within MarcEdit and then uploading the edited records back into WorldCat. MarcEdit supports the following services (among many others):

  • Data transformations
  • Enhancing vendor records
  • Building MARC records from spreadsheets
  • Linked data reconciliation
  • De-duplication of records within a file
  • Merging two or more records into one
  • Z39.50 harvesting
  • Metadata reconciliation before sending records to other systems